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    Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs.

    The cloud of our company is hosted in Argentina with a backup datacenter in the United States.

    Your VPS is on a state-of-the-art high availability server in Argentina.

    Simply ask us and we will expand your server to the resources you need.

    We do not tie our customers, you can unsubscribe our services at the time you want. We have a service lease contract in which our obligations to you are established.

    If you can pay in cash. You can see all the payment methods here.

    Our history goes back to 2003, we started offering advice to clients, due to the lack of professionalism in hosting services in Argentina we decided to set up our own company.

    With offices in Buenos Aires and Mendoza, our company is now consolidated and focused on customer service.

    We provide a service, recognized by our constant innovations, the quality and stability of our servers, and the dedication of our team.

    We have 100% dedicated Cloud platforms. For public or private clouds.

    Among our clients we have companies from the public, private sector, professionals and individuals.

    We have a solution to your measurements and budget.

    Our way of working is based on solving the needs and problems of our clients, providing a quality service, generating a trust and tranquility for you to be able to focus on your business.

    We base our price list on several factors, trying to keep them fixed over time, giving you the assurance that you will not have monthly increases.

    Technically the cloud, which comes from English Cloud computing, is the name given to the processing and mass storage of data on servers that host user information. This means that there are services, which will keep both your files and information on the Internet.

    The idea behind all this is born in instant access and at all times to your data wherever you are and through both mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.), as desktop computers or notebooks.

    Yes. Your data is kept securely on our servers, using SSL certificates as used by the main banking entities.